Our Business

Ameropa is an agri-business with world-wide activities that span the full supply chain, ranging from production, through logistics and merchandising, to distribution. A key activity is the physical global merchandising and distribution of fertilizer, food & feed products, which is supported and enabled by complementary assets, such as silos, warehouses and port facilities, as well as upstream assets such as fertiliser production plants.

We are part of the supply chain whose task it is to feed the world, and we emphasize long-term, sustainable business and relations over short-term transactions.

Our many business interests operate within and across 3 broad clusters of activity:


Our businesses within this cluster span the full value chain: from production of our own fertilizer products in Australia, Romania and China; to the merchandising and shipping of a wide variety of fertilizer and chemical products, be that raw materials, for blending or application purposes; ending with local distribution and retail activities, for example, in USA and Australia.

Our global network and presence in key fertilizer production and consumption points allows us to connect suppliers and customers better than most.

Our Food & Feed businesses are rooted in the merchandising and shipping of cereals, oilseeds, feedstuffs, rice, and tropicals, including those products originated by Ameropa in the Danube region, to anywhere in the world



We have a significant footprint of assets and operations in Romania and the Danube region, with many Ameropa businesses operating along the value chain, including: fertilizer production; input sales & distribution; farming supplies & services; origination of cereals and oilseeds; silo, warehousing and logistic services; and port terminal for exports to the world.