Ameropa Grains

Ameropa Grains S.A. Romania is part of the Ameropa Group Switzerland. Fertilizer plant Azomures ( and Chimpex S.A. (, one of the largest operators in the port of Constanta, are as well members of the group. Ameropa is present in 30 countries and has a global exposure in traditional markets on five continents (

Ameropa Grains SA sells over 200000 tons of fertilizer per year and over 3 million tons of grain. Our representatives work alongside farmers, providing a substantial structure of useful products involving crop establishments.

Ameropa Grains is one of the largest distributors of fertilizers for agriculture, seeds, and pesticide in Romania.



We buy your grains!

We coordinate our commercial activities in Romania, from our Head Office in Constanta:

  • purchasing of grains and oil seeds at competitive prices;
  • prompt services;
  • fast payment;
  • transparency, flexibility and compliance in commercial partnerships;
  • testing.

We are committed to high quality standards.

Input business

We improve your crops!

We are one of the leading distributors of fertilizers, seeds and pesticides in the country, offering:

  • input solution;
  • wide range of seeds and pesticides;
  • safe and powerful technologies for crop protection;
  • financing;

We offer a range of high quality fertilizers, from the group’s AZOMURES products to imported chemical fertilizers.

Our input solutions inlude a wide range of seeds and pesticides for all kinds of crops. We provide our partners with safe and powerful technologies for crop protection.

Storage and logistics services

We offer full services and modern facilities:

  • transportation from the field to the silos;
  • rail and inland waterway transportation;
  • reception, conditioning, storing grains and oilseeds

Our laboratories are fully equipped complying with reception standards, devices for recording the quantity and quality of received products.

From the farm gate to international export markets, Ameropa Grains offers: storing, handling and transporting grain in an efficient and secure manner.