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The Ameropa Foundation – Highlights 2019

Highlights 2019 of the Ameropa Foundation’s projects in Uganda and Brazil.


  • Thanks to the playground’s sports activities, six boys and one girl from Kamwokya received full academic scholarships through soccer trials.
  • A local project management committee was created to develop and manage the activities of the future Kamwokya Community Playground.
  • Finally, the long-awaited construction permit was granted in December 2019, so that the start of construction is only a stone’s throw away.
  • And last, but not least, our Micro Finance Institute FINEM in Kampala, could hire a new local loan officer and was able to increase its client base by 9.3% in 2019 by granting 716 new loans.


  • Two of ADIC’s students received a scholarship, one for English classes and one for a preparatory course to access The Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Norte.
  • Three students of the Mãe Luzia music school were awarded with a scholarship of excellence.
  • The Arena do Morro is providing summer camps for children and adolescents of the community, offering a never seen before variety of recreational, sports and cultural experiences.
  • Exactly during these days, a workshop with 18 adolescents is taking place at the Arena do Morro, with the thematic of “Raising consciousness about one’s own heritage through art”. The aim is to collect legends and stories from the past and connect them to the present.
  • Three logos have been created under the brand of the Arena do Morro to promote the three cultural disciplines that are being emphasized at the Arena: Sports, Arts and Music

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