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Ameropa Biotech

Ameropa Biotech is an exciting new part of the Ameropa Group, established to import and distribute Fertinagro Biotech’s complex crop nutrients and bio-stimulants to Romanian growers.

Fertinagro Biotech, a Spanish fertilizer producer owned by the Tervalis Group, made a bold move a few years ago to move away from commodity fertilizer and make profound changes to their production processes to build a portfolio of high-tech, high-efficiency specialties. Ameropa in Romania but also globally is entering a new space in the Agroindustry, taking on the marketing of highly specialized products that will reach far beyond the traditional and well-covered fertilizer markets. The distribution of these products is also bringing a whole new expertise within the group, in terms of agronomical knowledge and marketing strategy.

The Ameropa Biotech will be based in our Bucharest offices and operate with the full support from our Romanian entities. The focus will be set on promoting and selling into the Romanian market, however there will not be any border restrictions with the wider Southeast of Europe kept in the line of sight.  Ameropa Biotech will be integrated into the Fertilizer cluster; however, it will have strong bonds and synergies to be developed in our Danube cluster.