Our approach

Entrepreneurial projects­­ creating jobs and income


  • We offer micro-credits to individuals and groups who wish to become economically independent.
  • We provide working capital for small and middle size enterprises.
  • We help setting up small factories/productions.

Continuous technical assistance is provided at no charge.

The projects can be in rural or urban areas. To receive support, projects must have a viable business plan and create jobs.

An eventual profit resulting from this activity is not returned to the Foundation, but is to be reinvested in social programs.


We build and support kindergartens, primary and secondary schools as well as vocational schools for adolescents and adults.

We support education in hygiene, nutrition and health.


We believe in sport and culture as a means of integration and stabilisation of a community. We have implemented this through the realisation of a center for sports and culture in Mãe Luiza in Northeastern Brasil.


We care for those in need by giving them financial help or providing them with housing. We support social centers providing help and guidance to local residents.