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Aces’ Partnership (Ameropa Grains, Azomures, Caussade and Adama), Mereni, June 2015

Ameropa Grains, the main player from south-eastern Romania in what the fertilization products for agriculture are concerned, was the organizer and the promoter of one of the most successful corporate events from 2015 organized at Mereni, at the beginning of June, that have targeted the regional farmers.

The interest that farmers have shown it was truly obvious, due to the fact that they had come in a very large number, this being the direct result of the good communication and relationship Ameropa developed during the time with its own clients, but, also, due to the farmers’ implication in the event, being hosted by one of the young local farmers, Mr. Daniel Gheordunescu.

220 farmers and Ameropa partners have participated to the Days of Crops, the novelty of the event being that organizer, Ameropa Grains, had the idea of splitting the inviters according to the cards they’ve reached at the beginning of the event (Ace of Hearts, Spades, Diamonds or Clubs), visiting the agricultural plots according to the color from the initial card and receiving, during the event, lots and information from those who had represented Ameropa and the others partner’s companies.

The canola, corn and sunflower Caussade Hybrids have been presented, and also the scheme of plant protection proposed by Adama. Not at least, there have been presented the fertilization scheme proposed by Azomures, emphasizing the use of phosphorus based products in the fall for and canola crops, and, in the spring, for sunflower crops.

The emphasis was on the main characteristics of the different kinds of fertilized plots that were cultivated with the same canola hybrid (Basalti from Caussade) and trailed with the same Adama products, with the exception of the basic fertilization for each agricultural plot, the differences being visible from the first point!

The event have had a distressful moment organized in detail by Ameropa Grains that offered the participants the possibility of having test-driving for the cars that were put at their disposal by Exclusive Auto, one of Ameropa Grains’ partners in the event, but also, the inviters were able to ask information about IPSO agricultural machineries.

Thru the success of the event, Ameropa Grains assumed planning other similar events each year, at the beginning of each summer, in order to facilitate the interaction between the local farmers and Ameropa’ concealers, being properly informed on the news, to exchange ideas that will generate and sustain a long term partnership!