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75 Years of Ameropa: Celebrating a History Rooted in Entrepreneurship

It was the era of rebuilding Europe, a time when the U.S. launched the Marshall Plan and sent grains to feed Europe, when amid this transformative setting, on the 9th of September 1948, Ameropa came to life in the city of Basel, Switzerland.  Ameropa’s founders, Arthur Zivy and his son Felix Zivy, embarked on a journey that would initially link America and Europe – hence the name of the company – and end up spanning all continents. U.S. grains were shipped to Europe, and European fertilizers were shipped to the U.S. With that, Ameropa’s voyage of trade and trust had begun…

The 1950s witnessed Ameropa venturing into the Brazilian market, while its Austrian subsidiary branched out into multiple activities on the domestic market. The 1960s saw the rise of Argentina as a source of wheat and corn, and Ameropa was one of the pioneers in exporting soyabeans from Brazil to Europe. Two decades later, history offered new opportunities. The fall of the Berlin Wall marked a seismic shift, opening markets previously inaccessible to Western companies. Ameropa ventured into Central Eastern Europe, setting its sights on the former East Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and more. Beyond these neighbouring markets, Ameropa became a truly global company, setting up offices from Russia to China and from Brazil to Turkey.

With the new millennium came new milestones, a deepening of the value chain into production, origination, distribution, and logistics, making Ameropa what it is today: a highly efficient and competent industry player doing its part in contributing to feeding the world. It was also at the beginning of the new millennium that the Ameropa Foundation was officially established to give back to the communities that had nurtured its growth.

“Over these 75 years, Ameropa faced many challenges, experienced many trials and errors, but has weathered all storms and come out better and stronger. This is thanks to the unwavering support and patience of its family shareholders, the dynamism and agility of its managers, the competence and loyalty of its employees, and to the trusted partnerships it has enjoyed with its business partners”, said Andreas Zivy, Chairman of the Board. “And we remain as committed as ever to our vision of passionately growing agribusiness for a better future together.”

“Through it all, one thing remains unwavering – Ameropa’s commitment to responsibly and sustainably shape the industry, uplift communities, and leave a positive mark on the world for future generations,” said William Dujardin, the company’s CEO. “None of which would be possible without the steady support of our partners, suppliers, customers, and banks,” he continued. “As we look to future horizons, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners and eagerly anticipate the next 75 years to come.”