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Ameropa Launches First Group Sustainability Report

Ameropa is pleased to announce the launch of its inaugural group sustainability report, covering the activities of the entire Ameropa Group. The 2022 Sustainability Report aims to inform stakeholders about Ameropa’s social and environmental impact, while providing a roadmap for continuous improvement.

For many years, Ameropa focused its sustainability reporting on its operations in Romania, as a significant portion of its business activities are concentrated within the country. However, recognizing the importance of a holistic approach to sustainability, the company has expanded the scope of its reporting to encompass the entire Ameropa Group.

The newly released Sustainability Report serves as a vital tool for Ameropa’s management, enabling them to evaluate the status of the company’s sustainability efforts and identify areas for enhancement in the future. By employing a structured process, Ameropa ensures the selection of relevant content and confirms its validity, guaranteeing the transparency and accuracy of the report.

The launch of an annual report demonstrates Ameropa’s dedication to transparency, accountability, and sustainability. Through this comprehensive report, Ameropa aims to inspire and encourage its stakeholders to join hands in building a better future together. The company remains committed to driving positive change across its entire value chain and setting higher standards for sustainable business practices in the industry.

To access the full 2022 Sustainability Report, click here.