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Ameropa Foundation: Ground-breaking Steps in Kamwokya

Construction of the Kamwokya Community Playground is finally underway. On the 1st February 2021, the project milestone was set with a ground-breaking ceremony organized by the project management team. The auspicious occasion was led by project partner KCCC, and attended by the Minister of  Sports, the Parish Priest – who blessed the construction, the construction company Soleco, the local architect’s team, and most importantly, by many community members to whom this project brings joy and fulfilment.

The Ameropa Foundation’s involvement in this project stems from over 10 years of activity in the Kampala region, specifically in Kamwokya; which has been a main hub for our micro-Finance Institute Finem (Uganda) Ltd. whom offer micro-credits and loans to clients of the region.

Through the joint projects with the international organization ”Right to Play”, it became apparent that there is a lack of safe spaces for play, sports and leisure for the children and adolescents of the community, and from there the Kamwokya Community Playground initiative was conceived.

The delight was great when back in 2016 the internationally renowned architect from Burkina Faso, Francis Kéré, agreed to design (pro bono) together with the community this playground and plaza.

This day was a key step in having the project realised. It bought an overwhelming sense of happiness and pride to all involved, which was only amplified by having part of the workforce come from the local community. The construction will take about 12 months and is expected to be inaugurated and handed over to the community in Spring 2022. – This “playground” will be open to everyone; it will be the property of the community, who will manage and run it.